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1998 CAT Water Truck
36,000 Hours
Cab, AC
New 18,000 Gallon Tank
50% Tires

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Here at the The Tractor Company we are pleased to answer any of your questions, please do not hesitate to call, e-mail or fax us.

304-252-2401 or

J.L. Scott

O: 877-888-9414
O: 304-252-2401
M: 908-892-4040
F: 304-252-2406

Chuck Bagnell

O: 508-987-3135
M: 908-752-3862
F: 508-987-3145

Joe Ison

O: 877-888-9414
O: 304-255-9000
M: 908-310-9495
F: 304-252-2406

Ned Connolly

O: 843-681-9007
M: 908-310-8020
F: 843-681-9006